FREE ALL DAY! PitchBlak Brass Band, Adam Pitts and the Pseudo Cowboys, James Ethan Clark, Roshambeaux, Jahman Brahman, ArmenHammer

FREE ALL DAY! PitchBlak Brass Band, Adam Pitts and the Pseudo Cowboys, James Ethan Clark, Roshambeaux, Jahman Brahman, ArmenHammer

Sat, March 15, 2014

Doors: 11:00 am / Show: 11:00 am

The Pour House Music Hall

Raleigh, NC



FREE live music all day & night starting at 1pm! To celebrate St Patricks Day we are bringing you non-irish music all day and night.

PitchBlak Brass Band - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
PitchBlak Brass Band
PitchBlak Brass Band is a Brooklyn based, ten-piece brass band whose style and sound represent hip-hop from the 1980's to present day. A diverse group of young musicians, composers & artists who truly represents the new and vibrant undercurrents of the city.

PitchBlak has performed at Brooklyn Bowl, 92YTribeca, the late Southpaw, SOB's, The Shrine, Toronto's NXNE Music Festival, The 1st Annual Bob Stewart Tuba Competition (which we WON!) and most recently completed its first tour of the Northeast. In November 2012, PitchBlak was invited to record at the coveted Converse Rubber Tracks recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where many established and up and coming artists have been invited to record and perform.

Band members are active in community outreach programs and in classrooms throughout the city, teaching and mentoring other young musicians. PitchBlak's members come to the band with an incredible diversity of musical background and training, infusing their hip-hop-driven music with funk, rock, jazz, and classical. The result is a style as fresh as their dreads, shades, and dashikis—rich brass harmonies, lyrical hooks, tongue-twisting raps, and rhythms that make your blood race.
Adam Pitts and the Pseudo Cowboys - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Adam Pitts and the Pseudo Cowboys
For Fans of: Muse, Led Zeppelin, & Smashing Pumpkins.

Adam Pitts is an independent rock artist based out of Raleigh, NC. His songwriting couples high-energy alt. rock inspired by bands such as the Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, and Nirvana, with the pop melodicism of artists such as the Beatles, Butch Walker, and Nada Surf. On any given week night you can be sure to find him performing throughout the region with his band, Adam Pitts & the Pseudo Cowboys, or as a one man band act.
James Ethan Clark and The Renegades - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
James Ethan Clark and The Renegades
As a writer and performer, James Ethan Clark draws inspiration from an eclectic melting pot of genres ranging from progressive rock, folk and soul. Hailing from North Carolina, Clark released his debut record in April 2013. Since the release of “Southern Hotel”, Clark has gained a notable international fan base via live performances and social media consciousness. In July 2013, Clark was awarded the Carolina Music Award for “Best Rock Male”. In August 2013, Clark was pleased to announce his acceptance to Pandora’s Music Genome Project with his own certified station. In September of 2013, Clark released his debut video for his first single, “God Knows When”. The International Music and Entertainment Awards gave JEC the Best Rock Male Vocalist Award in November of 2013.
Roshambeaux - (Set time: 5:00 PM)
For fans of: Stone Temple Pilots, Maroon 5 & Ray Charles

"We really didn't like each other!" laughs Kyle Obermeier guitarist and singer with Roshambeaux, recalling meeting drummer, and now band mate, Jarret Chastain for the first time. "We met at a festival. We were playing with separate bands. It was so apparent we had absolutely nothing at all in common. And that was that. Or so we thought."

Fast forward a year. Fate threw Obermeier and Chastain together again, this time as Chastain was a fill in drummer for a band Obermeier was performing with.

"After a handful of shows, we grew closer personally and musically and decided to put an original band together. And Roshambeaux was born."

The band's short history (together since 2010) is peppered with musical milestones not usually accomplished in a fledgling organization. In no time flat, Roshambeaux has established regular tour stops and consistently add new gigs. They've quickly gathered tons of fans and even garnered the attention of Blood, Sweat and Tears Gary Foote, who copped the CD and deemed it great. Axel Lowe at 99x in Atlanta (always a good gauge of new rock) pronounced them "the real deal" during an interview at Oysterfest in Atlanta. The band's tune Moneymaker was selected for and a Roshambeaux poster was spotted on Discovery’s “Confessions Animal Hoarders,” on Animal Planet. And then there's the Atlanta venue owner who said Roshambeux' show was the best his venue had seen in many a day.

The followup to Roshambeaux' 2011's debut album, Gaudy Monstrosity (which sold a very respectable 1,000 units) is in the works. Tracking started in July with an expected release April 2013.
More about Roshambeaux

Roshambeaux' rock sensibilities lie in the juxtaposition of styles Obermeier and Chastain were imbued with as children. Obermeier's mom and dad sang Aretha Franklin, Elvis, The Drifters.

"I learned to play piano from one of the ladies at church and learned harmony by singing gospel tunes with my mom." Obermeier's parents were racially mixed. "It made me socially, personally and musically ahead of the game."

"My family did not have reunions; we had jam sessions." Jarret Chastain remembers. "My dad bought me a drum set when I was ten, set up the radio to play ZZ Top and said, 'Son,play along'!" Chastain's family supported his musical talent, especially his dad and grandmother.

"They're gone now. I promised them I would never stop playing and doing what I loved."
Jahman Brahman - (Set time: 3:00 PM)
Jahman Brahman
Jahman Brahman is a five-member collaboration originating from Columbus, Ohio in 2003, and currently residing in the mountains of Asheville, NC. The musical intuition of each member overcomes the restrictions of any particular genre as they pioneer the musical trail with a sound completely their own. The name Jahman Brahman emerged from each member's goal to achieve the ultimate state of musical c
ohesion; each instrument connected to one another to create a piece of music from the heart of one.

They've described their particular style as shred 'n' flow, a dynamic sound with a wide breath of influence, but a focus on rich, fluid, progressions of energy. Providing the low end, Nate "Brother" Brown brings his own style of funked out and super fresh bass grooves giving depth to Justin Brown's full and conscious lyrics. Drummer Rowdy Keelor gives the sound its steady concrete pulse providing the heartbeat for Casey Chanatry's riveting guitar-work. Layered on top are Josh Loffer's transcendent key strokes and myriad of effects. Combined, Jahman Brahman leaves the listener with a message on life, love, and the wonders experienced being part of an extraordinary musical family.

Each member holds a unique passion toward many different audio paths, with influences ranging from classic rock to electronica; from punk to jazz. Instead of conforming, they ascend music through the coalescence of their diverse styles, taking risks that unfold into powerful jams and creative compositions.
ArmenHammer - (Set time: 1:00 PM)
Venue Information:
The Pour House Music Hall
224 S. Blount
Raleigh, NC, 27601