Damien Deadson

Damien Deadson


Sat, April 6, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm

The Pour House Music Hall

Raleigh, NC

Free Metal Show!!


Damien Deadson
Damien Deadson
Damien Deadson has enough energy to power a small fleet of Panzer Tanks. It's a fuel that burns full-throttle, ignited by the heat of their lyrics and the power and passion of their music and performance. Hailing from Winston-Salem NC. Damien Deadson fuses Progressive metal with powerful groove oriented riffs. These songs burn like a fire in the night in winter time. They're dark, rich, and hauntingly honest. A virtuosic blend of crushing guitars, syncopated drums and raw emotional vocals. Damien Deadson has a firm grasp on the power of mood setting in his playing, and the emotion in his vocals.

“Hearing this album gives you hope for this genre. At least some bands are still fighting to keep this essential genre alive. It is not only an in-your-face album like many bands of its genre, but yet it is. From track one, to track ten, it is a listening experience I believe no one should miss out on.”
Brad Wipert, metal head review

“I went into this music very open to what I was about to hear and no entirely sure what it would present, but what I’ve been faced with is something far beyond anything I could have expected. Soaring vocals, heavy riffs, rolling drums – it’s all here and ready to go. I for one would love to get out to see these guys on the live scene to see if the music can be reproduced on that front, if it can, then wow – these guys are going places.”
Dave - Loud-Stuff.com

“These riffs are so pissed! Ryan Helm (Damien Deadson) is a genius. Please scope this stuff. This is good stuff to me. Has a lot of potential to grow into something huge!”
Brandon Trahan- Inpending Doom
For fans of: Rush, Tool, & Queensryche.

Pivot is a group in relentless pursuit of perfection and constant change. Its members share more than just a passion for their work. They have a sense of urgency in re-inventing themselves with every word put to paper or note put to tape. Their live show incorporates simplistic visual effects that tie sight and sound into one. Pivot will leave its audience making plans to see the next show. This band is quite simply interested in one thing...creating good music.

Rock Hard Magazine review of Pivot:

With bands of the "modern hard rock" pseudo-genre, normal folks get the cold sweat [puke], as this normally hides either ex-eighties-stars that didn't get the changed music scene and now make "scene relevant" music (or at least what they think that means), or otherwise any clever "Post-Grunge" wannabee trying to emulate the eight-legged felony Nickleback.

In contrast, Pivot from North Carolina has left the nineties well behind and offers once again (it's not the first time the appear in Rock Hard) more high quality development, sometimes alternative, sometimes just plain progressive hardrock, that stays clear from the cliche's and also convinces with well placed hooks. The absolutely recommended new 6-track Digipack-CD "Enter the Exosphere" can be found here: www.pivotband.com
Venue Information:
The Pour House Music Hall
224 S. Blount
Raleigh, NC, 27601