Sucker Free Cypher Bowl Sunday

Eargasm Entertainment Presents:

Sucker Free Cypher Bowl Sunday

C.Pitt, Nyck Newz, Re-Ill, Picassoul Music, Kenny MacGuyver, Frequent Flyers

Sun, February 3, 2013

Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

The Pour House Music Hall

Raleigh, NC

$5 at the door / Ladies $FREE all night!

Tickets Available at the Door

LADIES FREE ALL NIGHT!! Guys $5.00 ALL NIGHT from 5pm to 9pm (Your admission covers your admittance to the Cypher Bowl Party to follow the game). View the Super Bowl on a 10’ x 10’ screen with 300 watts of audio. Free Food / Door Prizes

Keaton (born Keaton Wendt) is a 21 year old rising start taking the Carolina hip-hop scene by storm. He was born in Pennsylvania and spent some time in New Jersey before his family finally settled in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Keaton proudly represents the “Capital City” (Raleigh) and in a short time has become a prominent face in the talent pool in NC.

Keaton’s love of music developed as an infant when his mother would rock him to sleep while playing country music. It was the only remedy that would soothe him and keep him from crying. In addition to country music Keaton was also heavily exposed to rock music and at the age of 14 he started playing the drums, influenced by bands such as Staind and 3 Doors Down. He always liked hip-hop but really fell in love with it around the age of 15 and started writing and recording lyrics at 19.

As a hip-hop fan, Keaton was influenced by legends like Biggie, Tupac, Outkast and Jay-Z as well as Eminem and since he discovered his passion for the genre in his later teenage years he also cites the newer generation of emcees such as Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa as heavy influences on his craft. Bob Marley’s music has also had a profound impact on Keaton. The subject matter in his music is usually on the lighter side, typically centered around girls, drinking and smoking marijuana, sometimes tying these topics into more serious matters. “I have a story to tell like everyone else,” says Keaton. “I really just want to have fun with this music and connect with people.”

Keaton has always had aspirations of working in the music industry but never really took his artistry seriously until after he dropped his first mixtape The Pregame in February 2011. The success of The Pregame and the accolades he received from other artists and fans made him realize that it was possible to make his dreams a reality. Keaton started to focus more of his attention on writing rhymes and recording and teamed up with other underground artists in the area for collaborations. Keaton was featured on the successful collaborative underground project The Millie Tape released in late 2011, contributing a verse to the hit record “Get Lifted” with fellow emcees Azon Blaze and Lazurus. Keaton dropped an EP on April 20 called Exit 420 and is currently working on his sophomore project Party of the Year set for a release date in 2012, fueled by the single “Doin What I Do.”

Already a well known face on the Raleigh-Durham hip-hop scene, Keaton intends to continue to build his growing fan base by increasing his online presence through social media and doing more shows outside of North Carolina. He is definitely an artist to keep on the radar having garnered the respect of veterans and newcomers alike.
Drique London
Drique London
Drique London, born Madrique Sanders, Is An Independent rap artist from Raleigh,NC. Drique started rapping at the age of 6 and dropped his first compilation entitled "The Monster" at the age of 14. During his junior year in high-school he begin to seriously pursue his rap career and dropped his first official mix-tape "The Unkool Vol.1". Since then he has dropped 5 mix-tapes, shot his first video (London What Up), performed at numerous underground events up and down the east coast, formed a partnership with up and coming clothing line HeroVillain, and currently preparing to drop his highly anticipated "Nike SB" The Mixtape on March 15, 2010.
Nyck Newz
Nicholas “Nyck Newz” Graham was born October 18, 1989. At the age of 8, he began rapping and developed a passion for entertaining. In 2008 Nyck Newz started releasing mixtapes and by 2009 had grown tremendously with followers as far away as Germany. His fan base recognized that he had an ear for music. Nyck is a diverse artist who has done all types of music from rap and reggae to R&B and Pop. Although he is known for great hooks and witty rhymes, Nyck also takes pride in his ability to sing, and states “Music is my life and God’s gift to me….I do NOT plan on giving it back!” In 2011 Nyck Newz began to take advantage of the mass media sources available to build his buzz. Through the use of youtube, twitter, facebook, and myspace his fan base grew. With hit singles like "Party Lika Animal” Ft Mikey, “Hate Me”, and “Radio” Ft Euro, Nyck began receiving requests to sit in on local radio shows, making appearances throughout the club scene, and generating income from his music. He also began releasing music videos that were creative and different. This combination with Nyck’s “Swagg” resulted in one of the videos being named video of the week on the Mtv website. The video for “Radio” won an award for video of the year at the Carolina music awards in 2011. Nyck Newz has performed in Raleigh, Atlanta, Texas, New York, and the list continues to grow. With a fan base that reaches all over the world, he will surely be in a city near you soon. Nyck is constantly featured in news papers and magazines within the Raleigh area, and there is no doubt when he comments “…I do music for the people that enjoy what I am bringing…I do this for my fans….”
Picassoul Music
Picassoul Music
Born in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, this soulful hip hop artist started his career with music at the early age of seven. Growing up predominantly listening to Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Floetry, and DMX had a big effect on his life. From 1998 he began to write rhymes but at the time he just seen it as a fad. Throughout his life he constantly would take time out of his day to write new material. He gradually started to feel as if this were more than a fad. He seen it as a skill or gift from GOD that he would never mask from the world. So interested in mainstream music throughout the beginning of 2010, he would constantly make the type of music that would catch record labels attention. As the year went on he started to notice that his approach was wrong. Then, around the start of 2011, he started to do his research on these labels that he once wanted to be apart of earlier in life. Once he found out the truth behind these record labels he began to form his own label "The Alex B. List." Set to uphold some of the best but underrated artists in North Carolina. Midyear 2010 he released a few tracks under his former name "Mack Swavey" which would later become his first mix-tape entitled "Back To The Drawing Board." With features from Jedi Jynx, Shi Gunna, M.I., and productions from The Elite and Vibe Beats. Mid October 2011, Picasso formed his first conglomerate movement called League Of Extraordinaire's also known as The Major League which consists of two emcees and a producer. In this movement he linked up with Ike Ellis of 100 Grand Entertainment and Brad M of 9th Wonder's Jamla Army. Months later he organized The Sample, a production team home to The Alex B. List. The producers that form this conglomerate are M. Nite, Rex, Vinyl Richie, and Jaas. Future projects to expect are "How The Other Half Lives" a mix-tape by League of Extraordinaire's. "The Sample Galleries" an EP from Picasso & The Sample. Also, Picasso's "Music While Cruisin" album produced by Moods. From here on out is history.
"This is The Alex B. List and this is success."
Frequent Flyers
Venue Information:
The Pour House Music Hall
224 S. Blount
Raleigh, NC, 27601