The Dirty Names, Roshambeaux

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The Dirty Names


Slinger Francisco

Thu, January 10, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Pour House Music Hall

Raleigh, NC

$5 online / $7 at the door

The Dirty Names
The Dirty Names
For fans of: The Rolling Stones, The Black Keys, The Faces

The four members of Rock & Roll outfit, Dirty Names, started playing together early in life. Drummer Matt Rose and bassist Sam Wetterau have been friends since age 10 and played together in a band at age 15. Lead singer Harrison Cofer moved to their town of Annapolis, Maryland for his high school freshman year, upset that he had to leave his last band in Michigan.

“I show up and Matt and Sam were playing on stage for the opening assembly,” Cofer recalls. “I was sitting there pissed off and said ‘I’m going to play with these guys.’ Sure enough, they asked me to play acoustic guitar on a Rolling Stone cover a couple of months after that for a battle of the bands, which we ended up winning.”

Wetterau went off to college (before coming back to re-join his friends) and Cofer got kicked out of his high school. He landed at another school where he recruited lead guitarist Kit Whitacre.

The band teamed up with a short-tempered music enthusiast with a wicked record collection who began to manage the band. At that time, they were simply called The Names. The story goes that they were tossing around possible band names, getting more and more ridiculous, as bands do, until Rose shouted, “I can’t take this anymore! Let’s just be all of them. Let’s just be The Names.” (Later, they found out another band in Belgium already had the name, so they just made it a little dirtier.)

Their manager locked them up in a garage studio for two years with few live shows. He drilled classic and rare rock recordings into their heads working them towards a record release. Towards the end of this phase, Wetterau returned from college and joined the band. As tempers flared, the band split with the manager and they realized that the best thing for them to do was play live as often as possible, touring all over America including two festivals in Toronto Canada.

In a similar short feedback loop fashion, the band started releasing EPs. Last year in 2011, they released the five-track ROCK AND ROLL MIND CONTROL, which features “Salt Water Jackie,” a track with an award-winning music video that takes place in a ballet studio and shows the band using their music to once again corrupt. The first EP was recorded in a shack-like garage studio of a friend.

Earlier this year in 2012, they released SWEAT BOX, a six song EP recorded shirtless in a warehouse on a hot July day. The recording includes songs the band has been playing for a couple of years live but just hadn’t recorded yet. Dirty Names combined their two EP’s with a a new song for a debut record titled Double Your Pleasure.
For fans of: Stone Temple Pilots, Maroon 5 & Ray Charles

"We really didn't like each other!" laughs Kyle Obermeier guitarist and singer with Roshambeaux, recalling meeting drummer, and now band mate, Jarret Chastain for the first time. "We met at a festival. We were playing with separate bands. It was so apparent we had absolutely nothing at all in common. And that was that. Or so we thought."

Fast forward a year. Fate threw Obermeier and Chastain together again, this time as Chastain was a fill in drummer for a band Obermeier was performing with.

"After a handful of shows, we grew closer personally and musically and decided to put an original band together. And Roshambeaux was born."

The band's short history (together since 2010) is peppered with musical milestones not usually accomplished in a fledgling organization. In no time flat, Roshambeaux has established regular tour stops and consistently add new gigs. They've quickly gathered tons of fans and even garnered the attention of Blood, Sweat and Tears Gary Foote, who copped the CD and deemed it great. Axel Lowe at 99x in Atlanta (always a good gauge of new rock) pronounced them "the real deal" during an interview at Oysterfest in Atlanta. The band's tune Moneymaker was selected for and a Roshambeaux poster was spotted on Discovery’s “Confessions Animal Hoarders,” on Animal Planet. And then there's the Atlanta venue owner who said Roshambeux' show was the best his venue had seen in many a day.

The followup to Roshambeaux' 2011's debut album, Gaudy Monstrosity (which sold a very respectable 1,000 units) is in the works. Tracking started in July with an expected release April 2013.
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Roshambeaux' rock sensibilities lie in the juxtaposition of styles Obermeier and Chastain were imbued with as children. Obermeier's mom and dad sang Aretha Franklin, Elvis, The Drifters.

"I learned to play piano from one of the ladies at church and learned harmony by singing gospel tunes with my mom." Obermeier's parents were racially mixed. "It made me socially, personally and musically ahead of the game."

"My family did not have reunions; we had jam sessions." Jarret Chastain remembers. "My dad bought me a drum set when I was ten, set up the radio to play ZZ Top and said, 'Son,play along'!" Chastain's family supported his musical talent, especially his dad and grandmother.

"They're gone now. I promised them I would never stop playing and doing what I loved."
Venue Information:
The Pour House Music Hall
224 S. Blount
Raleigh, NC, 27601