Booking Policy

The Pour House Music Hall presents the best local, regional and nationally touring artists seven nights a week. The professional presentation of your music and engagement of your fans is our top priority. If you are interested in playing at The Pour House Music Hall, please read below.

1) Have you ever played Raleigh before?

The Pour House Music Hall is a smaller more intimate live music venue. It is not, however, a small enough venue to break bands into the Raleigh scene. We are ultimately looking for bands with marquee value in the area to help us fill the venue.  If you’ve played in Raleigh or in the area, please include the date, venue, how many paid and the ticket price.

2) Where can we listen to your music?

Send us links to your best websites where we can listen to your music (Reverb Nation, Sound Cloud, Youtube etc)

3) Can you provide us with posters and promo for a show once we confirm a date?

We do a ton of promo on our end but it takes a team effort in order for a show to be a HUGE success.  If we get left holding all the responsibility for promo, then chances are pretty good the show will not be as successful.  If you plan on just booking a show and then just showing up to play ~ please stop reading now and delete this website from your browser!

What to do now…

Please send an email to

  • The email must contain:
  • Your band name in the subject line
  • The answers to the 3 questions above

There is a good chance that we’ll respond to your email within a few hours, but definitely within 24 hours.

Tech Specs

Front of House

  • Midas M32 Digital Sound Board
  • 6 aux sends – 4 for monitors / 2 FX
  • 4 busses
  • 4 channel matrix out
  • 3 – dbx 1231 dual 31 band graphic EQ
  • 1 – Presonus ACP-88 8 channel gate / compressor
  • 1 – tc electronic M one XL effects processor
  • 1 – tc electronic M300 dual engine processor
  • 1 – DOD real time analyzer
  • 1 – CD player


  • 4 mixes from front of house:    (all passive)
  • Mix 1: 2 – JBL JRX 112M 12″ 2 way
  • Mix 2: 2 – JBL JRX 112M 12″ 2 way
  • Mix 3: 2 – JBL JRX 112M 12″ 2 way
  • Mix 4: 1 – JBL MP 415 15″ M-pro (Drum) w/ seperate 15″ sub


  • 2 – JBL SRX 715 15″ 2 way (flown)    @ 850 W each
  • 2 - JBL SRX 728S dual 18″ subs        @ 1300 W each
  • 118 db MAX w/ pink noise


  • 2 – QSC RMX 4050 - mains
  • 2 – QSC RMX 2450 – monitors
  • 1 – dbx drive rack


  • 4 – Shure SM-58
  • 5  -Shure SM-57
  • 3 – Audix F10 drum mics
  • 1 – Audix F12 bass drum mic
  • 1 - Beta 58A
  • 2 – Beta 57A
  • 2 – Sennheiser 835
  • 1 – Peavey 520i
  • 1 - MXL 992 large diaphragm condenser
  • 1 – CAD M177 large diaphragm condenser   (extra fee)
  • 1 – Audio Technica 3035 large diaphragm condenser
  • 2 – Beringer ultra DI’s
  • 3 – Berringer passive DI’s


  • Assorted tall and short tripod boom stands
  • All necessary mic cables
  • 24 channel main snake
  • Music stands


  • LED lighting at the front and back of stage


  • 19 ft. wide X 15 ft. deep = 285 sq. ft. (28″ tall)

Sound Engineer

  • Jac Cain
  • (919) 821.1120 (venue)
  • Available evenings after 7pm for technical questions or just leave a message

Media List & Promo

Once your show is confirmed, it is time to kick into promo mode! We will send you our extensive media list and logo to get the process started, and will be partners with you every step of the way to ensure your performance is a success.

Please send us at least 12 posters to hang up around the venue and around town and a stack of handbills so we can hit the streets to spread the good word about your upcoming show. Make sure we receive the posters at least 4 weeks before your performance.

We love give-away contests! We encourage you to send us signed cds, vinyl, download codes, t-shirts, etc. so we can give-away your swag to help build a buzz about your show.

Don’t under estimate the power of email! We have a huge email list that receives updates about your upcoming show every two weeks. Please be sure to email your fans regularly and let them know you will be playing at The Pour House Music Hall!

Feel free to contact Adam ( to discuss promotional and marketing strategies for your upcoming show

Advance Your Show

Please advance your show no later than 48 hrs. prior to your performance date.



We receive some great rates at area hotels. We have the best lodging options available listed in the media sheet as its own separate tab.


Private Parties & Rentals

Are you looking to host a celebration or gathering?

We have hosted 100’s of private parties from birthdays to company outings to wedding celebrations. The venue is available to rent a few different ways.


Want to rent the entire venue?

Contact for availability. We typically book our concerts 2-3 months in advance, so if you plan to rent the entire space, contact Adam today to reserve your date.


Want to rent the 2nd level of the venue?

For parties under 50 people:

FREE until 10pm each night for any event you’d like!  After 10pm, we simply open the upstairs to the public.

For parties of 50-100  people:

Same as above, FREE until 10pm!

After 10pm we can keep the upstairs completely private for you and your party.  Some of the perks…

-       Private bar

-       Private bathroom

-       Private view of stage and show

-       Private Pool Tables

-       Comfy tables and chairs to relax

-       Plenty of room to set up food and snacks

-       Discounted group tickets to the show that evening